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    La Beaute - Red Fiber package

    Beautiful case of the Red Fiber series from La Beaute - for dry, dyed and damaged hair (including hair that has undergone shades / bleach / straightening and a variety of chemical treatments). No salts and no parabens.
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    The case contains:

    1. Shampoo

    2. Mask

    3. Serum

    4. Multi-treatment spray 

    The series is based on a complex of vitamins of active capsules that nourish the hair , melt into it and reach its depth immediately as soon as they come in contact with it.    


    The complex contains:

    Vitamin A  -  which gives a shell and a protective layer that penetrates the innermost part of the hair and renews it.

    Vitamin C  -  which fights oxidative stress (caused to the hair due to its coloring and causes graying hair and hair loss). Vitamin C in the refined and hair-adapted configuration of La Beaute is  a powerful antioxidant that fights oxidative stress and protects the hair over time. 

    Vitamin Q10  -  which is a complex of various vitamins that prevent the weakening of the hair  restore its moisture  nourish it  soften it .

    Pure keratin -  which gives the hair shine and a radiant look.

    Cold-pressed organic argan oil - which gives  the hair moisture for a long time ,  makes it feel smoother and shinier ,  and helps it to be stronger and healthier .


    Also suitable for use on hair extensions.


    La Beaute uses high-quality raw materials imported from Europe, while maintaining the health of the hair.The unique fragrances of La Beaute's perfume compounds give the hair a wonderful fragrance that accompanies you throughout the day.