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    Residence of the Sylvanian families

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    Sylvanian Families - Red Roof Country Home
    Sylvanian Families - Log Cabin


    £104.85 £98.56
    Sylvanian Families Boutique
    משפחת סילבניאן מאפייה עם תנור לבנים

    Brick Oven Bakery

    £45.33 £42.61
    Red Roof Cosy Cottage Starter Home

    Sylvanian Families Red Roof Cosy Cottage Starter Home

    Perfect gift for every child, sweet cottage , which includes an initial furniture kit (bed, kitchen dining area, sink and stove and other accessories)
    £50.40 £47.38
    דוכן מתוקים

    Sylvanian Families Sweets Store

    If your Sylvanians have a sweet tooth, then this sweet store will be their dream come true! With everything from bunny shaped cookies to car shaped treats and lollipops, this little shop also contains all the things you need to play shop. As well as the main milky white shop with its beautiful window feature and pear drop pink roof, there’s also an impressive display counter to hold up all those lovely goodies! Make the tots of Sylvania happy with this child-friendly set.
    £32.42 £30.47
    Grocery Market
    Baby Castle Playground , גן שעשועים טירה - משפחת סילבניאן

    Baby Castle Playground

    £22.03 £20.71
    משפ' סילבניאן - בקתה עם ערסל

    Lakeside Lodge

    £38.50 £36.19
    Sylvanian Families - Candy Wagon 5266
    Sylvanian Families - Sweet Raspberry Home 5393

    Sylvanian Families - Sweet Raspberry Home 5393

    This cute little home is the ideal start to your journey of developing your very own Sylvanian Families village. It can be combined with the Red Roof Cosy Cottage and the Country Home and other products to make extravagant large Homes for your families (sold seperately). Includes:- 1 x Main Unit, 1 x Chocolate Rabbit Baby, 1 x Bed with Slide (a total of 3 pieces).
    £45.33 £42.61